jeudi 7 août 2014

Fealia's Knitting - August 2014

Hello Everyone

I am back to talk about my knitting ;) I only have few weeks left in UK so I am a little bit knitting frenetically in order to have most of my projects done and easy to pack.  I don't know how everything will fit in my suitcase but well I guess it's something I will figure out when I will be really packing ^^

Oh and yes if you want to have a look at other picture or find the list of my projects, I am Elerinna on ravelry ;)

Finished Projects

- Cowl inspired by On My Wavelength by Heather Dixon. I don't have the pattern but well I figured something out and it looks quite like it ;) It was the first time I did a moebius cast on and I found it quite easy. I love the twist it creates. So I knitted it in Dyeabolical Yarns/Super Ego - Colorway : Café. I gave it to my friend I went to Brighton with; she loves it and so does her cat :P

- Faraway, so Close by Carina Spencer.

I really love this pattern and I wanted a shawl for me this time. I knitted it in Fivemoons/Luna plus 4ply - colorway : Rainbows at Sea. I bought this skein at UnwindBrighton and it appealed me because the colors are just gorgeous but I didn't really have a project in mind when I bought it. Finally I really think it turned out beautifully with this pattern. It is quite light to wear, I am currently wearing it in the morning when it is still a bit chill outside (UK weather :P)

  - French Cancan by Mademoiselle C. I knitted two of these, both are going to be gift.
 First one in All For Love of Yarn/Luminosity Fingering - colorway : Luscious (if you remember in my previous post, I started to knit a Bryndis Shawl but I finally changed my mind), this one is going to be for my harp teacher.

Second one in Easyknits/Deeply Wicked - colorway : Solaris (yarn bought at UnwindBrighton), it's going to be a wedding gift for the bride obviously ^^ I won't attend the wedding for many reasons but I want my friend to know  that I am thinking of her. In Asia red is the color of luck and I think this colorway suits her, but maybe I am mistaken. I do hope she will love it.

- Dream in Color Shrug by Kay Dahlquist in Fyberspates/Rural Charm - colorway : Bluebell.
Easy to knit. I was the first time I knitted a shrug, there is some mistakes. BO not as loose as it should but I am thin and it's quite ok so I left it like that ^^ (I am a little lazy :P)

Current Projects

- Beekeeper Quilt
Steadily increasing my number of hexapuffs ;)

- Cowl inspired by On My Wavelength by Heather Dixon.
This time knitted for me in Fivemoons/Khonsu 4ply - colorway : Summer Smoothie (yarn bought at UnwindBrighton). I just love the colors ;) I wanted something to change from my usual color. I usually wear blue, green and black; I used to have a lot of pink clothes when I was younger (I know I am not that older but well you see my point ^^) because my mother used to bought me a lot of pink stuff and well I don't mind pink but I really do love every shades of blue ^^

Sleeping Project

- Winter Snood.
Still the same. I didn't touch this project since....well I don't really know. I love the pattern but the yarn provided by ChouetteKit is just awful, so i don't know when I will finish this project.

Future Projects

- Rotweinknoten by Tanja Osswald in Easyknits/Deeply Wicked - colorway : Deepest Depths (yarn bought at UnwindBrighton)

- Merewether by Sharon Boswell in Madeline Tosh/Tosh DK - colorway : Nebula

And to finish with August, a little give away. I have got 2 mini skeins (ca. 30 yards) of Koigu that I bought via Knitcrate Minis Grab Bag and I really don't like the colors.
So if you are interested in entering this give away :
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The giveaway will be running until the end of August

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Take care and keep knitting ;)