About Me

Hello ;)

I am Fealia, pseudonym I started to use few years ago; I actually enter the blogosphere  with Elerinna as pseudonym, but growing up I think I wanted to change.

I love to write and I used to have a blog dedicated to my writings which no longer exists, probably because I was entering "adulthood" and this blog didn't fit me anymore. It has been a while since I have write something but I still do love to write and I am actually hoping to one day write down a story that I've started something like 6 years ago; well we'll see about that ;)

I am a Master student in Chemistry. After high school I lost myself in premed, it was a great experience; I learnt a lot, met wonderful people but looking back I think med school wasn't for me anyway and I always loved Chemistry, so here I am.
I will start my (hopefully) final year in September, then I don't really know because I have to decide whether to enter the work world or  to keep studying and do a phD.

I love to knit and crochet. I am a yarn addict :D :D
My mum taught me how to knit when I was a kid and I learnt to crochet on my own. So I have a little practice in this field but I really got hooked back in a couple years ago.

I also like to read books, play videos games and I am currently trying to learn to play the harp.

Enjoy your visit in my world ;)

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