dimanche 29 juin 2014

Fealia's Knitting - June 2014

Hey there ;)

Yes I know it is end of June but well I came up with this idea of blog only few days ago so....

So I'm writing to share my current projects, my yarn, my June KnitCrate and that's it but it's probably going to be enough ^^

I'm starting with my June KnitCrate. So KnitCrate is a subscriber program and they have a lot of stuff for knitters, it's just awesome. You should definitively take a look at their website, facebook, twitter, etc.  I'm not a subscriber yet because I thought I was only staying in UK for 6 months and I didn't want to subscribe in this time spent in Warwick. I've found out about KnitCrate around March and I just fell in love with what they are sending and I really love their program. But don't take my word for it, go take a look and see for yourself ;)
For June, Andrea and Joe (co-founders of KnitCrate) offered a try-KnitCrate and I ordered the Indie one plus the 10 minis add-on :D :D They are sending such a lovely package ;) I have a little anecdote about that package. As I've said previously I'm currently in University of Warwick and I live on campus, so I actually have to go to the Student PostRoom to retrieve big postage and so I went there and the person who handed me the package told me it was a nice package and asked me if it was my birthday. It wasn't my birthday but I kind of felt like it was.

Ok so what I got in this crate is:

The Yarn is from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, is Targhee Worsted (100% wool) with an exclusive colorway: Stalking the Wild Blueberries. and also some Nyame. The yardage is crazy, it is about 860 yard. I don't really like worsted yarn anymore but the colorway is just gorgeous, more purple than what I expected from the KnitCrate pictures but I think it will make a perfect gift (purple isn't really my color)
I have starting knitting and I didn't take a picture from the skeins but well you can see the colors :D (I usually make a ball of yarn to knit, it is easier and don't entangle ^^)
The Pattern is Faraway, So Close by Carina Spencer. It is really a nice pattern, you can find it on KnitCrate, Carina's website or on ravelry. I started to knit this pattern as soon as I got the KnitCrate and it is really easy and enjoyable.

The Fun Extra is stitch markers by Crimson Orchid Designs, they are cute and lovely. I love them and I actually ordered some with the promo code I received in the KnitCrate (you receive promo codes in your KnitCrate)
The Sweet Extra is a Handmaid Hand Cream by Soak, Aquae scent. I love the scent and I always ended up loosing my Hand Cream in my bags. It's the sort of thing you never have too much, in my opinion.
And finally the 10 minis from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, it is Sock That Rock (lightweight). Colors are just gorgeous, probably not colors that I would pick myself but well it will be great for my Beekeeper's quilt.
Pistachio - Backstabber - Purple Rain - Azure Malachite - Lemongrass - Highway 30 - Space Dust - Everyday Grey - Orchid Queen - Faulty Dyer

My projects 

I've got like a hundred work in progress. I am like that, I start something and then I stumble on something that I found awesome and start this as well. So I got many projects but I am trying to keep the number to a minimum :P
  • I have got this Winter Snood. It is a crochet project.
The yarn and the pattern are from ChouetteKit, it is from the number 9 to be precise. ChouetteKit is a French "crate" with crochet, sewing and other projects. You can take a look at their website. What I love about ChouetteKit is more their ideas and projects than the supplies. To be honest I usual don't like the yarn they send, but well you receive a whole package. For some projects the yarn is ok but for this snood, the yarn is itchy and that's probably why it is a sleeping project. I finished one for my boyfriend and he loves it but said it was scratchy yarn.

  • I have got the Bryndis Shawl by Corrina Ferguson.
I am knitting this shawl in All For Love of Yarn - Luminosity Fingering, colorway: Luscious. I am knitting this shawl for my harp teacher. The color reminds me of her. And I hope to finish this project soon but we'll see :D

  • Then I have the KnitCrate project, so the Faraway, So Close shawl. I think it will be a great gift for one of my flatmates ;) It is supposed to be knit on circular needles and as I am staying in UK temporally I didn't bring all my needles, so I am knitting on straight needles and I think they are going to be too small for the entire shawl. I don't know if I am going to buy the 6 mm circular needle or wait until I get back to France.

  • Finally I have my Beekeeper's quilt project that I started 2 days ago, and it will probably take me a lot of time to finish but it will be worth it. I imagine this quilt in a house/flat of my own but I don't know what the future brings but we'll see ;D

So that's it for June. I've got bunch of unfinished projects and stuff in France but well I have said a lot today, so I am going to save that for when I go back to France. You can find me on ravelry but well I join recently and I find it a little bit challenging to fill up my projects there.
In July, I'll be going to Unwind Brighton and I can't wait. I am so excited about this festival. I probably going to buy a lot of yarn and I hope to have a lot of fun ;)

So take care of yourself and see you soon for others knitting/crochet projects, or Chemistry of whatever comes up in my mind :D

First Article

Hello Everyone

Few words to introduce myself. I am currently a Master Student in Chemistry and I am right now doing an internship in University of Warwick, UK, but I am actually French and I don't really know why I am writing in English, probably because I am in England and it kind of felt right to write in English. I don't how I will keep this blog up in French or in English, I guess I will figure it out later :D

I got several blogs in the past but I wanted a new space to share all the things I'd like to share with the world (such a huge word xD).
As I said I'm a Chemistry Student and I am staying in Warwick until mid August and then I go back to Paris hopefully with only one year to go before graduation. Yay! After that comes the phD question but this is a different story.

I love to write, I used to write poetry and stories but it has been a while since I've really written something and I miss it but I also am a busy student and I guess writing went down in my to-do list even if I really enjoy writing.

I love to knit and crochet. I was hooked up when I was a kid. My mum taught me how to knit and I learn crochet on my own. I've got few ups and downs but it is so soothing and so great to make things. I am definitively a yarn addict. Oh God, when I see gorgeous yarn it is really difficult for me to resist the urge to buy it :P it's like books, I love books and every single time I enter a book shop I end up buying a book.

And I love photography, I am not an expert and will never be, but I enjoy it.

So mainly I wanted this space for sharing my knitting and crochet projects but I sense that I will probably share more things :D

Hope you will enjoy your trip in my world ;)