dimanche 29 juin 2014

First Article

Hello Everyone

Few words to introduce myself. I am currently a Master Student in Chemistry and I am right now doing an internship in University of Warwick, UK, but I am actually French and I don't really know why I am writing in English, probably because I am in England and it kind of felt right to write in English. I don't how I will keep this blog up in French or in English, I guess I will figure it out later :D

I got several blogs in the past but I wanted a new space to share all the things I'd like to share with the world (such a huge word xD).
As I said I'm a Chemistry Student and I am staying in Warwick until mid August and then I go back to Paris hopefully with only one year to go before graduation. Yay! After that comes the phD question but this is a different story.

I love to write, I used to write poetry and stories but it has been a while since I've really written something and I miss it but I also am a busy student and I guess writing went down in my to-do list even if I really enjoy writing.

I love to knit and crochet. I was hooked up when I was a kid. My mum taught me how to knit and I learn crochet on my own. I've got few ups and downs but it is so soothing and so great to make things. I am definitively a yarn addict. Oh God, when I see gorgeous yarn it is really difficult for me to resist the urge to buy it :P it's like books, I love books and every single time I enter a book shop I end up buying a book.

And I love photography, I am not an expert and will never be, but I enjoy it.

So mainly I wanted this space for sharing my knitting and crochet projects but I sense that I will probably share more things :D

Hope you will enjoy your trip in my world ;)

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