mardi 15 juillet 2014


Hello everyone,
So I am back to talk about my little weekend in Brighton with a dear friend of mine. Oh God I got so much fun there. Rain was promised but actually the sun decided to show up; everything was a great experience and UnwindBrighton marketplace brought everything I desired.
I left Coventry Friday afternoon, my train was delayed and I thought I would never catch the 17.28 train to Brighton. I ran in the underground to do the change Euston-St Pancras where my friend was gently waiting for me to take the train and have a girls weekend with yarn, laugh and cheers.
I succeeded in arriving at St Pancras at 17.20....I was supposed to arrive at 16.50 something like that xD It felt a little bit awkward in the underground, especially because no one is running (phlegmatic British people :p) and finally I ran for nothing because the 17.28 was delayed as well ahahaha. The journey was fun, you take two friends that haven't seen each other for a while and you see the picture ^^

We booked a room in a small B&B in Portslade. The room was a little bit tiny but well it was only for sleeping.

Saturday morning, after eating a full English breakfast we took the bus to Brighton. We arrived before the opening hour of the marketplace, so we explored the city near Brighton Pier.

The marketplace wasn't that big but it was amazing, stunning, great, gorgeous things at every corner. I din't feel like taking pictures because I was a little struck and it didn't feel right at that time. I'm sure you can find many pictures on facebook, twitter or instagram.

We walked through the marketplace like 4 times, stopping at every stand, taking a look, having few chats with vendors. People were so lovely. It was really nice. I do hope there will be an UnwindBrighton 2015
I ended up buying a lot of yarn but well I am a yarn addict xD

Then after spending something like 3 hours in the marketplace, we left to explore the city and the sun was here. Have a sweet break :D :D

Brighton is a great city, really attractive and a bit crazy but the sea is nearby to sooth everything. I quite fell in love with this city.

Looking back I'd probably have take a class, I don't know which one but it would have been great to do so, I'd also go to the Seaside Shindig event but Undwind 2014 was a great experience anyway and I hope to see an Unwind 2015 ;)

Take care and keep knitting ;)

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