jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Fealia's Knitting - July 2014

Hello Everyone

So I am back here to talk about my knitting and about ChouetteKit n°11 bis. I don't have a July KnitCrate to share with you, because as I said in my previous post I didn't feel like subscribing while I am in UK; but do not worry I have subscribe to Indie Bi-Monthly and my first crate should arrive in France approximately when I will be back there, so in August 2014 ;)

So I ordered 2 ChouetteKit n°11 bis : Alizé and Zéphyr XL. (See their website) There was a mistake and when I receive my package, I didn't have a ball of yarn for the Alizé Kit, but they are going to send me one ;)
Basically what you have in a ChouetteKit is yarn, fabric, beads and other stuffs to do a lot of DIY things and a booklet with tutorials. Pictures here only show you the content of the ChouetteKit Zéphyr XL (you received three balls of yarn but I only take a picture of one), the content for the Alizé one is quite the same but as it is a normal kit, you have less supplies.
I haven't decided yet, what I am going to do with the yarn. I don't know if I will follow one of the ChouetteKit project or use the yarn for something else.
With the fabric I am planning to sew bags when I will have access to my sewing machine in France ^^
With the zips, I don't really know yet but it always handy to have some.
Finally the beads are probably going to sleep for a moment because I am not really into making jewelry right now, I got some moments but not now.
I love ChouetteKit for their ideas and I am planning to have fun using all the supplies even if it takes me some time ;)

This month, I received my order from Crimson Orchid Designs. The stitch markers are cute, lovely and I love them. The row counter is beautiful but I have a small wrist so I will have to change the wire length, but I can't wait to use it ;)

Finished Project

- Faraway, so Close shawl by Carina Spencer in Blue Moon Fiber/Targhee Worsted Colorway : Stalking the Wild Blueberries (MC) and Nyame (CC) (KnitCrate project, see my previous post)
I finally did buy the appropriate circular needle; a bundle were on sale on Meadow Yarn ^^ It was definitively a real joy to knit. I think  it turned out very beautifully. My flatmate told me she loved it and I think it suits her very well.

With the left over yarn, I did a tiny one for me. It is so cute. I have to wet blocked it and weave ends but well it is almost finished.

Work in Progress

See previous post to know how it started ^^

- Still have the Winter Snood from ChouetteKit n°9 but I have worked a little on this and so it is a bit longer ^^

- Bryndis Shawl. I didn't work on this project during the past couple of weeks so...

- Beekeeper's Quilt. Did some hexapuffs but not so much :P

That's it for July. I will be in Brighton this weekend for Unwind Brighton and will probably going to post about this festival, hopefully with lots of yarns, notions and stuffs.

Take care and keep knitting ;)

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